15 Affirmations For When Life Gets Too Much

Why is it that life seems to be either all or nothing? When you’re in a busy time of your life you’re usually really busy and then before you know it you’re sitting at home, bored, scrolling through Netflix for the fifth time that day. That’s kind of been what’s happened with me. The last 9-10 weeks have been insane for me and I’ve just found myself waking up, exhausted and physically, already ready for bed again 5 minutes after I’ve just woken up. Some people believe in affirmations and others don’t, but I’ve always been firmly in the camp of “If it won’t hurt but could potentially help, I’ll try it.” So here are 15 affirmations you can say to yourself at any point or at any points throughout the day if life is getting a bit too much (in any or every way)-





1. I am free, safe and protected. 


2. I love myself, just the way I am right now. 


3. I am enough. 


4. I am in perfect health. 


5. I trust the process of life. 


6. I love and approve of myself. 


7. All that I seek is already within me. 


8. Everything in my life works now. 


9. Every decision I make is the right one for me. 


10. Every experience I have is perfect for my growth.


11. I am energetic, vibrant and dynamic. 


12. Life supports me in every possible way. 


13. I choose to feel good about myself, each day. 


14. I love and appreciate every cell in/of my body. 


15. Today is going to be a really, really good day. 


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