4 Things That Can Positively Change Your Life

What a vague, too good to be true title to this post- am I right? When I used to read titles like that I’d be like “lol okay whatever.” Well, clearly I used to be a nightmare because I’m way more open to everything and anything now that can potentially help me to lead a happier, more balanced life. If you’re like that too, here are 4 things I’ve found that can positively change your life for the better:



1. Be easier on yourself.

I know they say you are your own worst critic, but I am one mean bitch…to myself. I am empathetic to other people but when it comes to myself I can be relentless. I know that’s bad but unfortunately, it’s something I can’t change overnight. People are always saying ‘self-talk’ is really important but guys, it really bloody is. If you’re saying mean or harsh things to yourself throughout the day, all day every day, just think about how that’s affecting you. As in, really stop and think about it. Can you imagine if a friend came around with you and said mean things to you every day? You would drop that friend immediately. Try observing your own self-talk and most importantly (and I need to take my own advice here), be easier on yourself. You’ll probably find that in any given circumstance, you’re always doing your best anyway and that’s really all you can do.


2. Choose the content you consume wisely.

If you watch the news every morning and night, chances are you’re going to be bummed out all day long. It’s awesome to be up to date with what’s going on in the world, but there are only so many stories about murders and disasters in other countries that you can handle. I went through this stage once where I was watching comedies all the time and Hallmark channel movies and you know, I felt pretty bloody great. To change your mind, your mood or perspective, look at the content you’re consuming. Maybe you need to change it up. Maybe stop watching the news, start watching different people on Youtube or unfollow people on Instagram who make you feel crap when you look at their page. Do what you need to do.




3. Make decisions based on the person you want to be.

Sometimes when I’m really struggling with something, I think about whether the ideal version of me that I have in my head would do whatever it is I’m deciding about. Often I get caught in a cycle of fear (read more about that here) and it can get to a ridiculous point. So the next time you’re trying to make a decision about something, don’t think about what your answer to the decision would be, think about the person you want to be, and use their answer.


4. Do things before you’re ready.

There’s a quote by Amy Poehler (god I love her) that I have saved on my laptop, and it says ‘Great people do things before they’re ready.’ This clicks with me so much because if it were up to me, I probably wouldn’t do anything ever because I never feel ‘ready.’ If you’re the same, then you know. It’s like you feel you could always be more prepared, you could always know more information before you start. You could always wait a little longer, you could always do a little more before you start. Just start. Doing this has honestly propelled me in my life in more ways than one, and all for the better.


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