How To Rekindle Your Love For Reading

lifestyle-blogger-melbourneLet’s be real, high school and university ruin books and reading in general for a lot of people. Forced reading of materials you don’t want to consume? Yeah, that’ll turn you off books alright. Even if you picked my favourite book, if I was forced to read it in school and analyse it, for sure that would ruin it for me and take away my enjoyment. Usually, I never have a problem with reading, but life caught up with me over the past 3 years and as a result, reading went out the window.

I miss sitting down on a rainy day with a book and a blanket. I miss being thrown into other worlds through a good story. I miss the tangibility of books, flicking each page of a great novel when you can’t wait to find out what happens next. I miss staying up way too late in bed because I said I’d read for “only 5 minutes” but then I couldn’t put my book down. I miss all that. I just miss reading. Here’s how I rekindled my love for reading:



If you’ve really fallen out of love with reading, maybe don’t start with a book to get you back into things. I’ve recently had to read a couple of full screenplays for my acting course and it was only by reading them (each is around 100+ pages) that I realised how much I enjoy the entire process of it all. I’ve picked up a couple books in the past few months but I’ve been super picky and if something hasn’t grabbed my attention within the first few chapters, it goes to the top bookshelf. My top bookshelf is where books go to die a cob-webby, dusty death. So if you’re struggling to find books you enjoy but you do want to start reading again, try reading a script, an online publication or hell, even read blogs with long format content. Anything to just get you enjoying it all again.



I tried to force myself over the years to change my reading habits. I’ve always liked fantasy novels, sci-fi stories, dystopian adventures and ‘Young Adult’ books. As I’ve gotten older I feel like I’m not really in that YA age group anymore so I felt (this is going to sound stupid) pressure to read more…adult books? Not as in you know, adult books, but more sophisticated books…whatever that means. I did that for a while, read a couple biographies and ‘how to’ books. Well look what happened, I stopped reading altogether. I mean, Harry Potter is my favourite movie/s and books of all time, so is it really a surprise that I still love reading stories like that? It’s like I’m always trying to find something to fill the gap that HP left…

If you’re trying to get back into reading, go back to the genre that you’ve always loved. For some people it’s light-hearted books, for others they love anything informative or related to self-help (this is my mum), spirituality, autobiographies, fantasies- whatever tickles your pickle. < Did not mean for that to sound sexual as well…dear god what’s happening to this blog post.



There are only 4 people who live in this house with me, so someone please explain to me why it’s so hard to find an area within the entire house that’s good to read in? Sometimes I think that’s a big part of why I fell out of love with reading. I’d pick up a book and then someone is blaring the TV in the other room and its kind of hard to concentrate when I can hear the latest episode of ‘The Bachelor’ going on. Try to find a space you love to read in and make it as cosy as you possibly can. Whip out the blankets, the air con/heater, the candles, whatever you need to make that space appealing. Whatever you need to make that space somewhere you’ll actually want to go. Then the next time you pick up a book, you’ll actually want to read it because you have that special space. I find making a little reading nook ends up creating a little ritual around reading as well, then even if you don’t feel like reading you feel like entering that space and engaging in that ritual- so it draws you back in.


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