Netflix Shows You Should Be Watching


I can barely even remember what life was like before Netflix. Okay that’s a lie, I can remember what life was like and it was S.H.I.T. Netflix is my jam, there’s nothing better than just plonking yourself on the couch and watching. I’ve always loved the entire ritual of sitting down to watch something and the only time I dislike it is when you put something on and 20min in you realise it’s not even a good show/movie….

This is a little guide to the television side of Netflix so that you won’t have to endure the very first world problem of trying to figure out whether a show is good or just trash. So if you have time to kill, want to find something new to watch or let’s be honest, if you just want to procrastinate, here’s your ultimate Netflix guide of what to watch in the TV category-

(PS- this is for Netflix Australia, I know for the U.S. Netflix you guys have way more options than we do, and if I had your Netflix I’d add much more to this list! Yes, I am jealous, very jealous). 



The Crown

13 Reasons Why

The Sinner

Designated Survivor

Pretty Little Liars

Downton Abbey

Prison Break

How To Get Away With Murder



Orphan Black

The Vampire Diaries

The 100



Jessica Jones

The Defenders



The Keepers



Forensic Files



Gilmore Girls

Schitt’s Creek

How I Met Your Mother

The Good Place

That 70s Show


If you have any TV recommendations for things on Netflix, write them in the comments below!