Beauty Tips For Fair Skin That I Live By

feel-unique-blog-post-bloggerAh, remember back to the days when you first discovered makeup? I call those days my teenage, mango mouth days. I used to steal my mum’s concealer which was considerably too yellow and dark for me, and I’d use it to cover spots around my mouth and chin area and when I look back at photos from that time, it literally looks like I’ve just eaten a mango all the time because there’s a yellow hue around my mouth area but no where else on my face. Sexy. My self-esteem has to be real damn high to look back at photos from that trainwreck of a makeup phase.

Much like having hooded eyes, with fair skin, I find you have to learn how to do your makeup a little differently as well. Bronzers that reach cult status in the beauty community can look orange on fair skin, giving you those oompa loompa vibes. Blushes can be a little too strong, kind of making you look reminiscent of a clown, and if you choose the wrong lip shade you’ve got that distinct corpse’y look. Do I fancy looking like an oompa loompa clown corpse? Nope, so I quickly had to learn some fair skin tricks of the trade, and here are my best ones:


Warm up your face with a neutrally toned bronzer. 

For the longest time I never wore bronzer because being as pale as I am, I honestly just thought wearing it was redundant. My whole body is pale as paper, why would bronzer just on my face look any good? Well, this year I really started to experiment with my makeup and I introduced bronzer, and it made all the difference (this was one of the first posts I wore bronzer on my cheeks in!). It adds a little life to your face and some much-needed warmth, breaking up your face from just looking completely one tone. The trick I’ve found is to watch the tone of your bronzer and go for one that’s more sheer and buildable. Most bronzers look orange on me or muddy, but there are two I’ve found that have a neutral tone, are buildable (so you don’t have to worry about putting too much on) and they compliment pale skin beautifully. I’m talking about the Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer and the bronzer in the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow palette.




Find a rosy, natural blush. 

I used to hate blush. Like, really, really hate it. Not that I’ve been wearing makeup since infancy (can you imagine?) but in 24 years I never found one blush that I liked or that I thought looked flattering on my fair skin.

I’d always try and put the tiniest amount on, but everything looked too strong on my light skin and nothing looked natural. Then I found the *Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic in the shade ‘First Love’, and it really was first love at first sight (too corny?). I seriously cannot stress this enough, this is the best blush I have ever tried for pale skin. Ever. Technically it’s two shades but I just swirl my brush in the product and apply. It adds a little colour to my cheeks but it just gives this perfectly natural rosy tone that really compliments my skin, and it gives me this fresh sort of glow that’s hard to explain but so lovely.

It’s a velvety, beautifully rich formula too. If I could recommend you one product to try, it’s this one. Never thought I’d say it, but when you find the right blush, wearing it really makes all the difference to fair skin especially. Youthful, snow white looking healthy flush, here I come.




Add some warmth to the lips. 

For some reason, I used to have this strange concept that because I’m pale I only suited cool tones in makeup. I’d wear a lot of cool shadows and always stayed away from any warm lip colours or eye colours.

It was only when I got a really warm toned shadow palette a month ago that I started experimenting with warmer shades and that’s when I realised just how much those kinds of shade can really compliment pale skin, especially once you’ve already added some dimension back into your face with the blush and the bronzer. Those orange, peachy tones bring a little more life and almost like a kick of summer to my face. It’s that whole, ‘I could’ve just come back from a trip to Hawaii’ vibe.

I’ve been loving the *Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick’  in the shade ‘Bitch Perfect’. It’s a pink, peachy shade that isn’t too warm toned where it looks orange on the lips, but it’s warm enough that it brings some more dimension and colour to my fair complexion. Like all Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks I can’t fault the formula, but if your lips are on the dry side (like mine are currently because of winter), then prep with a good lip balm. I’m loving the *Nuxe Reve De Miel Moisturizing stick. It’s got the classic rich, nourishing formula of the original pot version of this balm with that lovely lemon scent, but because this is the same formula but in the stick version, it is WAY more convenient and hygenic.




Play up your eye colour. 

One thing that I’ve noticed looks beautiful on pale skin and that really makes it pop, is when you pick eyeshadows and do quite a bold, smoked-out look with a shade that compliments your eye colour.

I have brown eyes so I’ve been loving playing around with the *Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Palette. There’s this incredible cranberry shade in the palette that contrasts my dark brown eyes perfectly. I love using this palette to create a more sultry, smoked out but still diffused eye look that puts a real emphasis on the cranberry shade all over the lid and in the crease.

I think if you can find a shade that compliments your eye colour and one that makes it pop, then going smokier or bolder with your eye look and playing it up in that way is a perfect way to vamp up fair skin.


*products marked with an asterisk have been gifted to me by Feel Unique. Do I really need to say that all opinions are my own? They are obviously, but surely y’all know that by now! 

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