Changing Your Mindset, Or Is It All Just Witchy Juju?

lessons-learned-from-harry-potterI should probably start off by saying that this post (well, how its ended up) is nothing like what I first intended it to be. Originally it was going to be a post about 5 lessons I learned from Harry Potter (lol yes I was actually just using that as an excuse to write about my fav HP films don’t judge me). Now, its morphed into something very different. I had 3 full days of acting training with Andy McPhee last week, and man, those classes really lit a fire within me.

We talked a lot about integrity and our mindsets. We talked about how every little thing we do in a day has an effect and how everyone is just living their own little narratives that they’ve created for themselves, but actually, we can all change our narratives at any point. I’m never going to be able to relay 3 days worth of information into one post so I’m not even going to try, but it really made me think about where my priorities are in my life and how changing up your mindset isn’t at all as wanky as people make it out to be. It ain’t witchy juju, it’s all down to you and you are so much more important and impactful than you think.



melbourne-bloggerWe all had to write about what we wanted to see changed in the world, and then when it actually came down to thinking about what we could do to bring about that change everyone was kind of stumped. It’s like we all wanted these things to happen yet we were sort of expecting someone else to do it?  This really stuck out to me because I was like oh shit yes, there are so many things I wanted to see changed in the world but what am I actually doing to bring about that change? If each of us made a conscious effort ourselves, together all those single people would make an enormous change to the world. Thinking about what you can do, locally, smaller scale, to bring about the change you want to see in the world, has made a huge mental impact on me. The crux is that it’s not just about saying you’re going to do all these things, it’s about the follow through and actually doing them, whether people know you’re doing them or not.



I always think there isn’t enough time in a day, but the shitty truth I had to face last week was that that’s actually all on me. It’s not a judgement thing, it’s just that if there are things you REALLY want to get done, you’d find a way to get them done. In each day there’s a cause and effect system. If you get to the end of the day and you didn’t get something done; if you backtrack you’ll find out why. Maybe when you did work earlier you had the TV on in the background and it distracted you so you couldn’t give the task at hand your full attention and you completed it slower. Maybe when you got home instead of going straight inside you sat in your car for 15min looking at your social media (lol oops this is me every day). It’s like I’ve accepted so much more responsibility for my own life this week and now have realised that everything I want, I can do it, but it all comes down to me.



This one I think took me longer to grasp…because I thought that if you want to get ‘X’ amount of things done in a day then you get them all done no matter what. So I did that, then ended up getting 3 hours of sleep at night and almost got into a car accident the next day when I was driving home because I was so sleepy. So yeah, that ain’t right. It’s all about finding that good balance, prioritising, and recognizing the power that gives you. Work hard by all means but also (note to self) don’t forget to actually find that balance in your life as well. Something I’m learning more and more is that if I don’t find balance it catches up to me anyway and life sort of knocks you out till you find it again.


Honestly I could go on and on because I learned and absorbed more this week than I have in a long time. It’s funny how you can hear information one way and it goes right over your head, but then someone says it in a different way and for some reason it just clicks with you. I used to worry about writing posts centred around the mind because I thought people would think it was too hippy or like it was witchy juju (AKA “change your mind change your life…. and then let’s all do a seance together afterwards…) but nope. I realised this week that people will judge me, they really will, everyone does- but that’s something I have to accept. So I just gotta do me and go from there. Excuse me while I go and change my life, one little Andy McPhee inspired day at a time…


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