Myth vs. Fact: Anxiety Edition

anxiety-mythsI think I’ve realised I hate the word ‘anxiety.’ There are so many connotations that come along with it. As much as mental health awareness week and all of that helps to contribute to more people gaining a better understanding, from personal experience I’d say that most people don’t really understand what anxiety is or what it entails and means for a person that lives with it…

So lemme break some things down.


Myth no.1: If you have anxiety, you must be a wreck all the time. 

Fact: Lol no. I can be anxious at times, but so can a lot of people and my actual anxiety only comes out in specific situations. I’m not huddled in a ball crying every night. From talking to new people that I’ve met, they never think I have anxiety and you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell unless I was very comfortable around you or unless I was in a specific situation that ramped up my anxiety. But even then, having anxiety is like riding a wave. It ebbs and it flows, you’re usually not riding a high anxiety level all day every day.

I think a lot of people that have anxiety don’t enjoy saying it to other people because of these kinds of misinterpretations. No one wants others to think that they are this fragile, anxious wreck all the time. You can be a strong, funny, confident person and still have anxiety and people may never, ever know.


Myth no.2: If you have anxiety, you must worry or get anxious about everything.

Fact: Again, nope. Sometimes I actually find it really interesting because something will happen, and I’ll be the only person who is actually chill about it. I have my own specific anxieties, but other than that I have zero shits given for other things. Things that make other people anxious literally do not phase me at all. I remember once I was home alone and I heard a noise at the front of my house. I thought “oh someone must be home,” so I called my parents and sister and they all said they weren’t home yet. Yet I could hear a clear noise.

You know what I did? I went upstairs, called out “if someone is in the house can you just do what you’re going to do and let me eat my dinner in peace though please, thanks” and I went upstairs without a second thought. See now I was probably too chill in that situation, but it’s because that kind of thing is not at all linked to any anxieties that I have. So the fact that people think that if you have anxiety you must get anxiety about everything…just no.


Myth no.3: Anxiety is fake. 

Fact: As Ron Weasley so eloquently said in Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire: “piss off.”


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