Where I Find My Photography Inspiration

photography-inspirationWhile I completely respect bloggers who have a particular style and theme to all of their images, I think I’m incapable of doing that. I come up with a post idea and then immediately start thinking of a concept for what kind of images could go with that post. I think about what kind of mood I want for the photos, I write out ideas and then start looking for inspiration. Maybe you wouldn’t at all be able to tell that I do all that for the photography in each of my posts, but um…I tried?

I guess you can see it the most in posts like this, this, and this.

I’ve tried so many things to trigger different inspiration for my photography over time, but here’s the system I’m loving the most at the moment:

 start from the bottom

When I’m trying to think of a concept for photos to go into a post, I think about the post’s content and the vibe of it. Okay, ‘vibe’ sounds a little wanky but I basically try to find the mood of the post. If I’ve got a post centred around something really serious to me, it’d seem a little sociopathic/psychopathic or some kind of pathic if all the photos in the post were super bright and airy and I’m smiling in all the photos. Yes that’s an overdramatic explanation but you get what I mean. I just find it a little off-putting personally. So I start from the bottom, I think about the mood of the post and then finding that specific mood kicks off my inspiration and gives me a point to jump off from.



You know when you get lyrics stuck in your head but you can’t remember what song the lyrics actually come from, so you google it? I do that with my photography. I’ll get an idea and I have a mood for the kind of images I want to take, so then I just start googling random words and stringing them together until I find images that inspire me. So I might write ‘moody, dark photography,’ then I’ll keep changing the search terms a bit until I find images that go along with what I had in my mind for what I want the photos to look like that will suit the post.



Wow this is so unique, you must have fallen off your chair with shock. But hey, as unoriginal as it is, Pinterest is a great source for images and I essentially do the same process on Pinterest that I do on Google images. Pinterest always seems to generate different kinds of images that I can’t find anywhere else, so it’s nice to use both Pinterest and Google images as resources because I find you end up covering all your bases and really trawlling through everything that’s out there for inspiration.



Oddly enough, sometimes I find when I put a few limitations on myself I end up coming up with better ideas for my blog photos. So say I write a post and I think “oh I’ll shoot some images upstairs on my desk.” Then I go to my desk and it’s stupidly messy or someone’s using it, and I have to come up with something else on my feet.  So I start thinking of what else could I do for an image if I didn’t do that? It’s like when you plan to take photos outside but then on the day it’s pouring rain so you’re forced to change things up. I swear 9 times out of 10 when I have limits put on my photography I always end up being inspired and coming up with something better than my original idea. Even though I’m just doing it on the spot. It’s bloody unexplainable but I tell you, it works.


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