3 Ways To Completely Turn Your Day Around

melbourne-lifestyle-bloggerKeepin’ it simple. Keeping it to the point. Trying to not spend 3 paragraphs rambling before I even kick the post off…watch me go.

So my hat goes off to anyone who can let bad things in a day not get to them. If you can shake off those kinds of things, good for you and I’m jealous. In theory, I know exactly what to do when something bad happens that throws off my day. But realistically, I’ll probably assume the blanket burrito position in front of the TV and wallow. Recently, let’s just say I’ve kicked my ass into gear. I’ve come up with three ways to totally turn around your day and I’m pretty damn proud of it. Four for me Glen Coco (you go Glen Coco).




Do some basic maths. 

Remember how many hours there are in a day. Sounds simple, but really just work it out. If you’re having a bad day, it’s usually because something has come up throughout the day that’s thrown you off, or something has happened that you didn’t want to happen. I find it’s so easy for me to get caught up in whatever that may be, that I end up feeling like the day got ruined. That’s where the basic maths come in.

There are 24 hours in a day. You get your sleep for a few hours, you have the hour or couple hours that caused your ‘bad day,’ but then think about how many hours around that that you have left. Whatever happened only really took up such a small portion of your day when you think about it, it’s only you dwelling on it that’s making it take up more of your time. So it’s like, you haven’t really had a bad day then, have you? You’ve had a couple of bad hours but the rest of your day was actually good. Remembering that fact, no matter how simple it may be, totally turns my day around.


Make a playlist (and force yourself to listen to it).

Again, sounds so simple, but this is something I usually oversee or forget about doing. I probably forget about it because when you feel like your day has just turned to crap, the last thing I feel like doing is whipping out my headphones. Now? I’ve got so many playlists, it’s like I’ve almost got one for every mood. So step 1 is making playlists that make you feel good, not even necessarily happy, I have some playlists full of music that make me feel like a badass and like I can accomplish anything. Then it’s the forcing yourself to actually listen to these playlists that turns your day around. I tell you, it is physically and mentally impossible to feel stressed while you’re listening to the Mamma Mia 2 soundtrack…



Pull a ‘Frozen’, and let it go. 

Dwelling and overthinking are things everyone says not to do, but yeah, that’s nice in theory but much harder to do in reality and to sustain. To completely turn your day around, take all the multiple overlapping thoughts in your head, acknowledge them when they pop into your mind, then let it go. It’s okay to have worrying or recurring thoughts pop up, it’s not something you can necessarily control. But it’s not acting on those thoughts and just letting them sort of float away that is the real kicker. This one is really hard for me to do, but the more I try and use my rational brain, the easier it is to tune out the white noise of worry. The more you don’t try and cling to how you wanted the day to go vs. how it actually did go, the better. Just let it go.


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