3 Things For True Crime Lovers

I’m that person, the true crime person. Someone will mention something to do with a true crime story and I’ll all of a sudden pop out some random facts about the case. Yeah, I’m that person.

The world seems to be split, I figure. There are your true crime lovers, and then there are your non-true crime lovers (who often think finding all of that fascinating is just weird or morbid). I’m yet to find anyone that neatly walks the line between the two sides…

Personally, I’ve always been fascinated with true crime. Namely in the psychology of it all and what happens in a person’s life that may correlate to what they do, or how their upbringing and life may not correlate at all with what they do, which is even more eery.

So for all my other true crime lovers out there (fellow murderinos where you at?), here are 3 things I think you’ll love:


The ‘My Favorite Murder’ podcast. 

This is my all-time favourite podcast because as I mentioned in this post, it’s about true crime stories but it is also hilariously entertaining. Karen and Georgia who run the podcast are some of the funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to. I am usually cry laughing in my car listening to this podcast and considering it’s about true crime, that’s saying a lot about Karen and Georgia’s comedy skillz. I know that sounds like a conflicting thing but trust me, this podcast is so good. I even got my mum hooked on it and she’s not really a true crime lover so that’s saying something.

Oh, and SSDGM (stay sexy and don’t get murdered).


The ‘Forensic Files’ TV show.

For the small percentage of myself that is a science nerd (I will repeat, small percentage), I love this show. Each episode of Forensic Files details a different crime, how it unfolded and how it was inevitably solved by some form of forensic science. You see complex crimes being solved by a piece of forensic evidence that you’d never think could solve it. There’s one episode where they caught the killer because he stepped on a hamburger bun on his way out, and the bread was so soft that it left an impression of his toe print, I mean come on!! Solving cases with a packet of hamburger buns, what could be cooler.

This show is a little old-fashioned in its format and style, but it’s the kind of old-fashioned that I don’t mind watching, not the “oh god this is ancient and painful to watch” kind; it walks a fine line between entertaining, corny and informative. Forensic Files also always makes me wish I went into forensics even though I’d probably do two weeks of study and then get bored let’s be real here.


The ‘I Survived’ TV show.

Not all true crime shows are created equal, to the point where most are so boring or so cringy or so overdone that I can’t even sit through them. They’re just…meh, so I get why some people will click to the Crime channel and then out right away. ‘I Survived’ is not one of those shows. I’ve been watching it since I was 17/18 and goddamn, this show can move me to tears I tell you.

Each episode has different people giving their first-person accounts of a deadly situation that they’ve lived through. It is INSANE the things that these people have survived, and there’s something so powerful about hearing them tell these stories themselves. The people on this show are in my opinion some of the bravest, strongest, most badass people out there. I mean, these people have been shot, stabbed, left for dead and worse, and they all kept going and found a way to survive. Now they’re going on with the rest of their lives.

This show always reminds me how lucky I’ve been in life and that no matter what happens to you, no matter how much it seems like you have no way out of whatever situation you’re in, you can always survive. Even if you’re in a scenario where you 100% think you have no hope and will die, these people prove you can survive.  Oh god, I’m getting emotional just thinking about this show.


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