WordPress Guide: A Cheat Sheet

wordpress-tips-and-tricksI started this blog on Blogspot/Blogger and I was on there for a long time…like quite a long time retrospectively. I finally outgrew the platform and knew I wanted to make the shift to WordPress, but there was a lot I didn’t know and it was all a bit overwhelming. In the end I shifted to WordPress.org which is what I use now, but along the way I had to go through a big ‘ol learning curve and there are so many things I wish I’d have known. If you’re thinking of making the transition to WordPress or if you’re currently making the shift, here are a few things I wish I’d known:


You don’t have to make the shift yourself. 

When I wanted to move from Blogger To WordPress, I had so very many questions. I tried to google all the information I could and I watched a lot of Youtube tutorial videos. But ultimately? I was like WHAT IS HAPPENING WHAT IF I MESS THIS UP? (My life is rough, I know.)

Then I realised I didn’t have to do it on my own. I ended up paying someone to migrate my entire blog from Blogger to WordPress and it was as simple as that. There were no issues; I organised it, waited and bam. I had some teething issues along the way but I got help with that too. It was brilliant because all of a sudden something that was daunting was able to be done so quickly, with no daunt factor at all, which I loved.

[Sidenote: I’m now thinking that if I was in Divergent I would definitely not be in the Dauntless faction like I wanted……].


Install the updates. 

I learned this one by pure trial and error. On my laptop and phone, I often find when I install updates that it messes things up, so I (unpopular opinion) generally avoid doing the updates. With WordPress though, install the updates! I noticed a lot of glitches with my blog and after not being able to figure out why it was all going so wrong, I was advised to install all of the recommended updates and updates for my plugins. Lesson learned.


Use your ‘text’ section (especially if you’re having spacing issues).

Oh the time I spent wondering why the spacing of text and images in my blog post was so terribly wrong. In WordPress, when you are composing a post there’s a ‘Visual’ tab and a ‘Text’ tab. I composed in the Visual tab and then was baffled by why when I went to preview the post what I was seeing was different. WordPress cheat sheet right here: utilize your Text tab! Essentially, any problems you’re having with your post can be solved within the Text tab, AKA the place where you can see all the coding for your post. Also, little trick, if you want more space between the text and/or images in your post but you can’t figure out how to do it? Go to the Text tab and insert this code:  

Thank me later.


Install the ‘Yoast’ plugin. 

SEO is still something I’m learning about all the time and wrapping my head around, but installing the ‘Yoast’ plugin on WordPress has made things so much simpler. Basically, if you have WordPress, install this plugin asap. It guides you with your SEO in each post, telling you what you’re missing and what you can improve on to get better SEO, as well as what you’ve done well at. Trust me, get Yoast.


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