3 Big Life Lessons You Learn From Blogging

things-blogging-taught-meOh you’ve got a blog? That’s nice” <<there’s the reaction most people give you when you tell them you have a blog.

I have to admit, before I began The Sunday Mode I didn’t think there was all that much involved in blogging. Um, karma certainly came and bit me in the ass because there’s way more to blogging than people realise and I had to learn it all along the way. Blogging teaches you a hell of a lot too, including a couple of life lessons that I don’t know if I would’ve learned in the same way if I didn’t run a blog.


Being vulnerable isn’t as scary as you think.

When anyone tells me they’ve read my blog, my instant reaction is honestly “ohhhhhh shit.” When I write these posts I’m usually sitting alone on my laptop typing away, I almost forget that anyone else will ever read them. Either that or I think no one will actually ever sit there and read an entire one of my posts all the way through.

Sometimes it feels like my blog is an online verbal vomit of just everything and anything I’ve been thinking about at the time. I started this blog off not even wanting to show my face or reveal who I was (for the very cringe ‘reveal’ post from way back when that’s very LOL-worthy, click here).

After a while I opened up more and have over time become more and more vulnerable when writing content for The Sunday Mode. Once I get over the initial “oh shit” factor of someone I know telling me they’ve read my blog, it’s actually really refreshing to know that people can read your inner thoughts and not be totally scared off by them. So in that way, blogging taught me that being vulnerable and letting people see that side of you really isn’t as scary as you think it’ll be.


Less than perfect is the new goal.

I used to call myself a perfectionist and I thought that was a good thing. I’ve completely changed my perspective as I’ve gotten older and now I hate being associated with any kind of perfectionism (I talk about that more in this post). You can’t reach perfect if you try, and from experience, you definitely can’t when it comes to running a blog as well.

If you waited until each post was perfect, you’d never publish a single thing. If you waited until your blog design was absolute perfection, you wouldn’t even have a working blog. Blogging has taught me to just be okay with less than perfect, I’ll do my best and then that’s all I can do, and that’s good enough. I still take pride in what I do, but I don’t wait until things are ‘perfect’ anymore, things can be less than that and I can still be proud of what I’ve done.


You can do more than you think you can.

Before I started this blog I was actually too scared to start it. I didn’t think I could make a website and have it run. I didn’t think I could come up with post ideas and I didn’t think I’d want to share what I did create with uh…anyone. After doing it all and fixing all the glitches that came up along the way (the many, many glitches), you look back and think damn, I actually did all those things I initially thought I couldn’t do. I also remember thinking no brands would ever want to collaborate with me on anything at all and now I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of my all-time favourite brands. Who would’ve thought? Well definitely not me that’s for sure. Glass half empty gal right here.


Having a blog teaches you that you’re capable of so much more than you think you are.