4 Inspirational People To Look Out For

inspiring-people-to-followSometimes, ya just need a little inspiration and sometimes, you just can’t find it anywhere. Recently I was inspired to search for the people who have inspired me, whether that be for a long time or even just people who have inspired me by something they’ve done recently. Whether that be something they’ve said, a type of content they’ve put out or even who they are as a person. Here are 4 inspirational people to look out for:


Melanie Murphy

Okay I don’t know Melanie personally (obviously, though that would be cool and then I can soak up her Irish accent) but she seems like one of the best people you could be around. Her Youtube channel covers so many different topics, a lot of which are topics people usually reserve for more private spaces. What I love the most about Melanie though is how much she promotes realistic ideals, body positivity and how open she is about her own life, past struggles, current struggles and thoughts on a plethora of things. She’s got this open-minded way about her where she’ll broach topics and have frank discussions, to learn and to grow, whereas so many people online nowadays stick to very ‘safe’ topics because everyone is so opinionated. I like seeing boundaries pushed though because it makes me open my mind up more as well and be open to growth. She’s like the Irish best friend I never had. Oh yeah, did I mention she’s Irish? Because her accent is just another reason to love her, it’s glorious to listen to!


Jameela Jamil

I first saw Jameela in her role as ‘Tahani’ in the TV show The Good Place (which is bloody magnificent and hilarious by the way). She couldn’t be more different from the character she plays though, and after recently seeing what she’s been posting on her social media channels, it made me sit up and pay attention.

She calls out all the b/s out there, especially all the b/s to do with women and the standards and ways we’re represented. Recently I loved how she pointed out the ludicrousy of the rise of those appetite suppressant lollypops being promoted by the Kardashians and high paid influencers. I mean, what?!

Although I may not necessarily agree with every single thing she talks about, I love that she does talk about issues that a lot of other celebrities or people in the media shy away from (I’m noticing a trend emerging here…). Jameela makes me think, she makes me question things that are considered normal and why they are considered normal, and that’s why I find her inspirational.



In The Frow

Ah Victoria AKA InTheFrow, sometimes I literally think she is the prettiest person I have ever seen, but that’s off topic. Aside from being stunning, you can tell from her blog and Youtube channel and social media content that she’s a damn hard worker, and puts in a heck of a lot of effort into everything she does. The content on her blog is visually spectacular, and just in general when you see what she puts out there content-wise, it’s hard not to be inspired. It’s hard not to be inspired to work harder, work¬†smarter and to go the extra mile.



Sometimes my friends achieve things and I look at them, reflecting, and just think “how am I friends with these people?!” because what they’re doing is so cool or impressive to me. It’s easy to look for inspiration from figures who live halfway across the world from you, that’s quite common because we’re sort of raised to think of that as the norm. What I love though is realising that some of the most inspirational people are the ones you see every day (cue the Hallmark Christmas special music). Now yes, that was so cheesy it felt cheesy even writing it, but it still rings true, in my life at least.


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