Addressing Gaps In Your Life And Finding Balance


When I took these blog photos, as I threw my head back I quite literally let out a small sigh of…relief? I chose that day to do a lot of the things that I’ve been wanting to do for the past month, I’d just kept coming up with reasons why I was too busy. I didn’t realise until this moment that I wasn’t happy with how I’d been balancing my life. I wasn’t balancing it.

Sometimes the problem with being introverted is your natural inclination to be alone to recharge. I can get too into one activity, hobby or work on my own, or become the human incarnation of a sloth, or not make the effort I should with friends and everything becomes lopsided. While you’re probably wondering why on earth you’d take any kind of tips on finding balance from someone who’s clearly not great at finding it, I’ve been trying, and here’s what I’ve found has helped the most with finding balance:


Find your people.

I thank my lucky stars (<seriously what is with my sayings lately I sound like I’m 80…), anyway, I’m so thankful that I have a best friend that I’ve known since I was 11, and she just happens to be very similar to me, even though we’ve both grown so much over the years. So she gets it, she’d rather stay in on a Saturday night and watch Netflix too. Thank god someone gets it.  This doesn’t work so well when it comes to all friendships, but if you find your people, it works really well.

My best friend and I have no luck when it comes to our schedules. She works the opposite days that I’m free, so sometimes it kind of feels like we’re in a long distance relationship. You know what we started the other week? Tandem movie viewings. Yep, we are so dedicated that we literally synced our viewing of a movie so that even though we were apart, we could watch the same movie at the same time and talk about it the entire time through messenger. Bloody brilliant if I do say so myself, and only appealing if you’re the same kind of person we are.

At first we felt kind of stupid, but then we both agreed it was damn enjoyable and it kicked both of our days off perfectly. I continued doing work afterwards but I didn’t mind as much, because I felt like I’d already done something fun and spent some quality time with a friend (even if it was just over the net). It didn’t matter though, because I felt like I had balance. So find your people, and you’ll find your balance.


Make the effort, even when you don’t want to.

If you are introverted, being around groups, new people or even people in general day after day can be really draining. You just end up not wanting to see anyone for a bit so you can recharge and get your energy back. It’s not anyone’s fault or because anyone is doing anything wrong, it’s just how you are. For extroverted people that probably sounds so foreign, but if you get it, you get it. I know I’m not the only introverted person out there by far.

Saying that, I’ve realised that while I do have to respect my introverted tendencies, sometimes I have to straight up go against them or I will 100% end up a hermit living in Canada in a forest in a wooden hut okay that’s actually a retirement goal of mine, not even kidding….I’ll shut up now.

It comes to a point where I just have to make the effort though and in the nicest way possible, I have to push myself to go out with friends, or do work, or do whatever it is that I’m not doing because in the end, I need to balance everything out. So even if in the moment I really don’t want to do something, I’ll do it for the sake of balance, and usually 99.9% of the time I’m always happy I made the effort afterwards.


Feel what’s missing.

If your life is unbalanced, it’s not a complex thing, you’ll know it. You’ll feel it. You’ll feel the need to even things out. It’s like if you eat pasta for like 7 days straight and then the unthinkable thing happens and all you want to eat is…lettuce. Or when you’ve been eating nothing but salads and it gets to the point where you’re dreaming about bread. Ya gotta get some balance into the mix.

Same goes with your life, go by what you’re feeling and usually if you feel like something is really missing from your life, it is. Try and prioritise doing what’s missing and see how that affects you, because for me I find I feel much more centred when I find balance in my life.


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