Tapping Out Of Life For A Day


In my personal Instagram bio (shameless plug, it’s @juliapsammutwhen describing myself I wrote ‘50% adventurous, 50% couch potato’ and I think that’s pretty accurate. I love my Netflix and chill just as much (okay, more) than the next person but I love being adventurous too and just getting out there and doing different things. Call me over for a Netflix marathon but also call me over to go on a hike or a road trip and I’m there. It’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race that is life that sometimes I forget how much I love forgetting about everything, letting go and just going somewhere, even if it’s just for a day.

I call it ‘tapping out’ of life for a day, and here’s why I love it so much:



No matter what I do, when I tap out of life and responsibilities for a day, it’s like I breathe a sigh of relief.

Hold up while I get real philosophical for a second here, but don’t you feel like nowadays our worth gets defined by how busy we are? If someone says “I barely slept this week I worked so hard and was so busy,” that always seems to be valued and respected more than someone who says they took it easy. Even though theoretically we all are striving for balance (read more about that here), we’re living in a world where someone is looked upon with disregard if they say “I just work when I want, rest when I want, I’m living comfortably.” The busier person is always seen as the more successful one, even if they have no healthy work/life balance.

Tapping out of life for a day gives me a break from getting caught up in that mindset. It gives me a break from everything and almost even a break from myself; from my own mind racing.


melbourne-bloggerFor a big planner personality (legit I make to-do lists every day), it’s weird how much I also love being spontaneous. For as comforting as it is for me to have everything planned, it can be equally as gratifying and satisfying to drop all your plans and just get out there and do something unexpected and different. While that definitely sounds like the beginning storyline of a ‘Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants’ movie, you get what I mean. Sometimes it just feels good to get spontaneous where you can, because it’s not like we can all just have a pair of jeans that travel the world and those jeans happen to perfectly fit both us and our best friends…


lifestyle-bloggerGrowing up, I always said to myself that ideally, I never wanted to get myself into a position in life where I have nothing to look forward to in the working week. I didn’t want to spend my life living for the weekend. I want to make sure my job gives me some sort of meaning, satisfaction, gratification and joy. I’m not keen on aimlessly meandering through the next 70 years.

When you tap out of life for a day, just being alone with your thoughts and doing things that bring you happiness, I find it helps you to figure out what you want and to sort of reevaluate everything.


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