An Overthinker’s Guide To A Relaxing Holiday

Who am I kidding, I can try and pretend like I’m a super relaxed person but in reality, that ain’t true. My mind goes a mile a minute. Is there some kind of award you can win for most thoughts thought in a single second? ‘Cause I’d win that award by a mile.

When your mind is as busy and overloaded as mine often is, there’s literally nothing I enjoy more than going on a holiday for a break. Problem is if you’re an over-thinker than you have this special ability to turn even the most relaxing of days into a stressful one. Sometimes it’s hard to switch your brain to relaxation mode. I’ve been on some extraordinary holidays but also some that have seen me be riddled with stress the whole time, not at all making the most of it. I’m proud to say that (finally) that never happens anymore though. So, here’s an overthinkers guide to a relaxing holiday:


Rather than feeling like stress is ruining your holiday and trying to block that out, let the stressful thoughts be there. Allow whatever thoughts are coming into your mind to just be there. Then work on acknowledging them and letting them go, rather than dwelling. The whole issue with overthinking is the dwelling. It’s not just that a worrying thought will come into your mind, it’s that you’ll stay on that one thought and you’ll pay attention to it, you’ll give something meaningless meaning. Not trying to deny the fact that you’re having stressful or recurring thoughts for me means they drift away a hell of a lot easier. Otherwise, it’s like the ‘don’t think of an elephant’ thing. Trying so hard not to stress just means you end up stressing about stress. I mean if that ain’t a kind of hell then what is?


Sometimes it can be really difficult to acknowledge thoughts and move on. This one is for everyone who needs another option. Gotta give credit where credit is due too, I got this one off Yolanda Hadid when I was watching her show ‘Making A Model.’ The basic premise is that when you’re overthinking you’re stuck in one emotion and you become just that, stuck. So you’re no longer learning or growing. As Yolanda said (there’s something I never thought I’d write), when you’re feeling that way, you need to change the channel. Say you’re on a holiday and you’re overthinking a choice you made, worrying if it was the right choice or not. Well, try changing the channel and actively choose to respond or react differently to those thoughts, rather than getting stuck in that one emotion of worry. Switch that emotion to excitement or another emotion instead. I find doing this means on average I’m spending much less time in a day overthinking, and then I can actually enjoy my holiday rather than getting stuck in my head.


One of the reasons why I find travelling so cathartic is because often when I travel, I don’t even feel like me. As an overthinker who can be a bit Type A at times, I’ll use being someplace else as an excuse to do things I wouldn’t normally do and make choices I might not normally make. Even on a small scale if it’s something tiny like getting up a little earlier, staying out a little later or ordering something you never eat; little changes make you feel like you’re really taking a break, and taking a break makes my overthinking mind feel like it can take a breather as well and cool down for a while as well.


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