A Night Owl’s Guide To Loving Mornings

becoming-a-morning-person-tips-and-tricksI’m a notorious night owl, my entire family is. When you grow up with your dad cooking dinner at like 11pm it doesn’t exactly make you feel like going to bed early. In a perfect world, I’d say sleep in as long as you want, you do you. Obviously that isn’t practical, so I had to figure out a way to wake up earlier and not dread it like the black plague.

So from one night owl to all the other night owls out there, here are a couple of ways to start enjoying your morning more, even if it’s not your natural inclination:

prioritise your sleep

Straight up, if I don’t get enough sleep there is no way in hell I’m going to enjoy waking up. No matter how much self-care time I put in, no matter how bitchin’ I make my breakfast, if I don’t get enough sleep I’m going to want to sleep in no matter what. It’s stupidly simple, but if you’re someone who’s naturally a night owl, get at least 9 hours of sleep. Everyone says 8 hours is the minimum, but 9 is my minimum to not feel tired or fatigued throughout the day. Sometimes we (okay, I) overlook the simplest of things like that, but it makes the biggest difference in actually starting to enjoy your mornings.

stay off your phone

I check the weather in the morning and then that’s about it until I leave the house. If there’s a message that seems urgent I’ll reply, but otherwise, I like to ignore my phone so that I don’t get sucked into the black hole of scrolling. While I sleep I have my phone on Airplane Mode (which you should definitely try by the way; so peaceful) and so essentially, I carry that peacefulness through to the morning. It means I stay distraction-free and my mornings become quite simple. I mean really, 99.9% of the time there’s nothing urgent in your texts, on your Instagram or anywhere else on your socials that can’t wait an hour or so. Not checking your phone in the morning means that time just becomes yours, undisturbed, and that’s pretty damn enjoyable.

think about what you can get done

One of the really crappy drawbacks of sleeping in is that by 6pm it feels like you’ve done nothing productive. When I’m laying in bed in the morning and feeling like oh hell no I’m not moving, one thing that gets me up is thinking about all the things I can get done throughout the day just by waking up earlier. It makes rolling out of bed feel not so painful and mornings seem a little sweeter. Then at night I can just chill out and do whatever I want because I had enough hours during the day to actually get a reasonable amount of things done. Think of everything you can get done and how accomplished that will make you feel; it makes waking up early seem not so bad after all.


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