4 Easy Ways To Add Self-care Into Your Routine

“You cannot pour from an empty cup. You must fill your cup first.”


As far as self-care quotes go, damn I like that one. To be honest I used to think the whole concept of self-care involved massive pamper days or hours meditating; things along those lines. After watching some insta stories on the topic by the lovely Seppy (@seppyforlove), I realised I had it all wrong. Incorporating self-care into your daily routine can be as simple as you want it to be. The whole concept is just about looking out for yourself and your wellbeing essentially. It’s about checking in with yourself and doing things to keep you feeling more grounded, happy and generally more balanced. So here are four easy ways to get started:



When I have to drive in traffic, I usually get really irate. I mean an hour to drive home? Really?! One of the simplest ways I added self-care into my daily routine was by starting to listen to audiobooks and podcasts on my drives. If I just sit at home listening I’ll feel lazy. Listening (safely) while I’m driving means I’ve got an excuse to engage in an activity I love while still being productive. Uh, what’s more productive than the essential task of driving home?

Get a daily affirmations calendar

I was given one of these (a Louise Hay one) by my mum and sorry to not be more eloquent, but I bloody love it. Each day you tear off a different sheet and there’s an affirmation you read before you tackle the day ahead. This little unassuming calendar gives me something good to focus on each day and it keeps me positive, which for a non-morning person is a big thing. It’s just an extra minute a day where I feel a little more happy and grounded.



It’s Harry Potter for me. No matter how busy I am, setting aside some time each week to watch a film I love makes me feel really relaxed. I’m paying homage to my inner child and for some reason that makes me feel more like I’m taking care of myself than anything else.


Drawing from the quote at the beginning of the post, you can’t help people even if you wanted to if you’ve got nothing left to give. Try getting in the habit of checking in with yourself and your priorities before you grant favours to anyone else. It’s prioritising yourself and your own needs, sure, but not in a selfish way. It’s the ‘ol aeroplane rule, ‘”put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others.” The airlines are onto something. I find checking in with myself on the reg has helped me from getting super run down and you know, glass half-empty.


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