How To Overcome Blogger’s Block

Toward the end of 2018, things got real dicey around these parts. I got busy, my posting count (is that a thing?) went down. I didn’t love it. While I was busy, I feel like I was also suffering from a big ass case of blogger’s block.

You know the one. You want to publish something and have good content. On the other hand, you can’t think of a single decent idea and you imagine that the inside of your brain is an empty shell with the odd tumbleweed rolling by. It’s blogger’s block.

If you don’t get blogger’s block then I mean good for you (you go Glen Coco). For all of us who do, here’s what I’ve found helps:


tips-for-bloggers-blockDon't have a passive voice- cursive fon

Ah the countless times my Yoast SEO plugin has told me that I write with a ‘passive voice’ and that I should change that. Well hot damn, I didn’t know I was so passive till my plugin that’s apparently full of wisdom told me so. When you’re in a case of blogger’s block, take up the challenge to not have a passive voice about anything you’re passionate about. In your real life or online. I’m not saying to be a dick about it, but spending a bit of time not teetering in the safety of “I think” and “maybe” reminds you of what it is that you’re actually passionate about. The topics you care about. The subjects you’d actually want to write about. Doing this can then bleed into blogging and possibly (<no, damn you passive voice!), I mean, it WILL re-spark your passion to get your ideas out there via your blog. Let your voice be heard…..god knows everyone else is letting their’s be heard.





blogger-thesundaymodeJump on even the smallest of ideas. One of the main reasons why I can get blocked for ideas is because if I do think of something, I’ll toss it aside because it’s “not a good enough idea.” At the start though, just jump on any idea and start writing. The worst-case scenario is that you don’t write a post and then you’re back to square one. Best case, you’ll write a post and that post will spark ideas for other posts. Ball, you better believe I got you rolling again.

(PS- my SEO tells me that I’m not using a passive voice in this post. Can I get a hallelujah?)


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