Instagram: Expectation VS Reality


At this point, I feel like every (wo)man and his dog knows that what you see on Instagram is just the best of the best. It’s everyone showing a curated version of their lives for the most part. Yet somehow when I’m scrolling I forget all of that. Maybe I just go into some kind of Instagram-induced coma?

The only times I really come off the app feeling good about myself and my life is when someone actually shows a snippet of what their life is really like, AKA the reality. I like seeing beautifully curated photos, but I love when people show raw, funny things that happen to them. It’s like breaking down the perfection cloud that seems to permeate from Instagram.

Hopefully, this post can bring a little light to your day because this is my version of Instagram vs. Reality, and it ain’t pretty.


@thesundaymode insta


Someone came in the room when I was taking these photos and….let’s just say I panicked. Let’s also say that the moment of panic was captured perfectly on camera.

Instagram: expectation vs reality


The Sunday Mode / @thesundaymode


It was a cold day, I brought a water bottle to keep my hair wet and this shot was me running freezing cold water through my hair on the side of a street while some people passing by looked at me like I was nuts. Suuuuuuuuper classy.

Instagram Expectation Vs Reality


Instagram @thesundaymode


God bless Photoshop, the unsung hero for this Instagram shot. Yep, it was just me…in a park…holding a book. Nothing to see here.

instagram Reality behind pics


If you’d like to see another post like this, let me know!