5 Destinations To Add To Your Bucket List

lifestyle-travel-blogger-melbourneYes, I love travelling. Yes, I am writing this post as a way to vicariously re-live past trips I’ve been on….and I don’t even care. My blog, my rules y’all.

There are so many incredible places all over the world that sometimes I wonder whether I’ll ever make it to all them within my lifetime. The thought of not getting to go to all of these places before I die brings on a twinge of anxiety. So, when I find a new place I want to go to, I mentally add it to my bucket list. I’m only just now realising that it probably wasn’t smart to keep a mental bucket list because I’ve already forgotten a bunch of places. Should’ve gone with a paper and pen bucket list. Ah well, shit happens.

It’s pretty common for people to have bucket lists for their lives, and now travel bucket lists are more and more common too. Well from my travels to yours, add these 5 incredible destinations to your travel bucket list (if you haven’t already).





I went when it was snowing and guys, it felt like a once in a lifetime experience. When I got off the plane it literally smelled like gingerbread and cinnamon in the air; how is that even possible?! Prague is incredibly picturesque, you can easily spend all day just walking around the streets and taking strolls looking at the architecture. We just don’t have buildings like that in Melbourne. Europe, you’re doing it right.

Being in Prague kind of reminded me of being in a fairytale, which is why I think everyone should go there at least one. I also went when they had their Christmas Markets on in the Old Town Square and that just added to the whimsical atmosphere. PS- if you go to Prague you need to try a ‘Trdelnik;’ it’s like a rolled doughnut on a stick and holy hell they taste AMAZING freshly baked over an open flame on a snowy night while you’re surrounded by glowy Christmas lights….



I feel like I barely need to say a thing with this one, I’m always rambling on about how Hawaii is probably my favourite place in the world. The cliche is that Hawaii is the place to relax but that’s not a cliche. I’m a generally tense person (why lie? lol) and for some reason when the plane touches down in Hawaii, I’m just chilled out. This doesn’t happen when I travel to any other destination but Hawaii. Even the people I travel with always bring up how I’m like a different person when I’m there. The people in Hawaii are the best, they have some really good food there and you cannot beat the views or the general atmosphere. I’ve only been to Oahu and Maui (…so far) but no matter where you go, you can’t really go wrong. If you want to see more of Hawaii, check out my 12 Hours in Hawaii post.




Anywhere in Italy. I’m not even exaggerating, everywhere I’ve been in Italy I have loved….except for all the pigeons in Venice because I’m scared of birds. Love Venice. Hate pigeons. Let’s just talk about the Italian FOOD for a minute as well. I’m slightly biased because of my Italian heritage but who the hell doesn’t want focaccia right out of the woodfire oven, pasta, pizza and fresh gelato and cannoli? I mean, are you even human?!

Italy has so much history, beautiful architecture and sculptures; you get to see ruins that show you a shell of what life there used to be like however many years ago. Whether you go up North or to Southern Italy, the scenery is phenomenal. You want the rolling hills of Tuscany or the cobblestoned streets of Rome with the beautiful little sidewalks? You got it. If you haven’t already got it on your bucket list, plan to visit somewhere in Italy. Thank me later.





I went to Egypt when I was around 11 because my mum really wanted to go and it was a once in a lifetime experience. I distinctly remember driving up to the Pyramids of Giza and saying to my sister “…it hasn’t clicked yet.” What I meant was that it hadn’t clicked in my mind yet that we were about to see the pyramids in person and that we were actually there; it felt like such a surreal thing. If you’re even remotely interested in history, you will find Egypt incredibly fascinating. I’ll never forget the day I went to their new Mummy exhibition and nothing was covered. No glass, no barriers, just mummies. I was just walking in a closely packed room full of Egyptian Mummies that were literally within reach. Mind. Blown.


New York.

You see a lot of New York on TV or through films and media in general, and surprisingly it always seems to live up to my expectations. The life in that city is like nothing else. Basically, no matter what time it is, there’s always something happening and there’s always something to do. It’s me, so naturally, I’m going to mention the food as well, which is truly phenomenal. The best of the best is there and there’s a little bit of everything. All the tourist sites you have to hit up, of course. Take all your obligatory photos in Times Square. Aside from all of that though, just grabbing a hot drink and people watching as everyone rushes off to wherever they need to be is so satisfying (…in the least creepy way possible). It sounds so lame when I write it out, but New York makes you want to live. It makes you feel more alive because the city is so alive.

And okay look, I’m not going to lie, the fact that I found a 24 hour freshly baked cookie delivery place in NY just capped it off for me. I mean, come on! Just when I thought New York couldn’t get any better.



I’d add London to this list as well but I feel like that’s just a given, who doesn’t love London?