1 Easy Change To Boost Your Productivity


Wow, you know you’re tired when you go to write ‘turning’ and it comes out like ‘terning’…wow.

I digress.

I almost feel stupid even writing this post, because this one piece of advice is so incredibly simple. So simple and easy to do, yet it’s made the biggest change in my life probably out of any change I’ve made this year.

If you’re a serial blog reader, then chances are you often stumble across similar posts, with similar advice, wrapped up in similar but slightly different packages. So you might read a post and even though you think you’re taking things on board, you kind of forget to actually do it. I do this all the time even with my own posts. I write a post with some tip that I think is the best thing since sliced bread, but then a month on I’ve forgotten about it and I’m like damn, I really need to take and stick to my own advice…

Not with this one thing though. This one piece of advice is so simple and foolproof, even I’ve managed to stick with it.

So hear me out. About a month ago, I realised I was getting to the end of each day and feeling really unaccomplished. My to-do lists seemed never-ending and I constantly felt like I couldn’t actually get what I wanted done. That night (ok this is starting to sound like a fairytale now…). Anyway, that night, I promised myself that the next morning when I woke up I would just cut out all the bullshit I do throughout the day that isn’t productive so that I could reach the end of my day feeling good.

I woke up and put this big reminder on my phone for the whole day that said: “Motto for the day: JUST DO IT.”

I’m a massive Nike fan (#notspon lol) and this phrase has helped me in the past with other anxiety related things actually (shoutout to all my introverted homebodies out there). This time though I was using the quote with a different purpose.

In the morning, as I woke up I was going to lay in bed for an extra couple of minutes but then I thought “Just do it” and got out right away.

After running a few errands I was sitting in my car and I thought you know what, I’m going to check my social media. Usually, I think this is going to take me like 10 minutes max, but I always get stuck there scrolling for 40min. One time I spent so long in my car on social media that I actually fell asleep in there….not this time though.

I heard this voice in my head saying “Just do it” and I decided I’d just get out of the car, get on with things and that checking my socials could wait. After all, no one was going to die if I didn’t ‘like’ their brunch Insta pic.

Long story short, this carried on throughout the whole day and by the time I hit around 8pm, I realised I had got everything I wanted done and I clocked off for the night. I’m a night owl and it’s not uncommon for me to stay up till 2am just because I want to get things ticked off my to-do list, so to be finished by 8pm was a huge thing for me.

I realised that throughout the day, there were a bunch of just tiny (and I mean tinnnnyyyyy) little moments where I would procrastinate, and so having that “Just do it” voice reverberating through my mind kicked my ass into gear. Apparently, all those little moments of procrastination must have been adding up to hours in total, because once I cut them out, it honestly was like I gained another day within a day. I got so much done.

It’s an incredibly easy change to make. Stupidly simple in fact. Yes, this post probably could’ve been sponsored by Nike (again, it’s not) but I tell you, they are onto something. I’ve been using this phrase for the past month and I’ve been more motivated and productive than I have been for a really long time.