3 Podcasts To Cut Down Your Commute


How on earth did I ever drive in heavy traffic without podcasts?

Okay, so they won’t exactly cut down your commute if we’re being technical (soz not tryin’ to have a clickbait title), but at the moment, listening to different podcasts is the only thing that’s making hour-long drives seem manageable and not just mind-numbingly boring. Thank you, podcast gods.

I’m a simple gal (not really but hey it’s a nice phrase), so I started with just one podcast that I listened to religiously. The true crime/comedy podcast ‘My Favorite Murder’ (which I talked about more in this post). That’s still my OG and I love it to bits, but I’ve since branched out and started listening to a couple of other really addictive podcasts. If you’re even remotely interested in actors, a behind-the-scenes look at your favourite TV shows or if you’re just interested in exploring the human condition more, you’ll especially love these ones:


‘Inside of You,’ with Michael Rosenbaum. 

Michael Rosenbaum is probably best known for playing Lex Luther on Smallville (although shoutout to Sorority Boys and Urban Legends ’cause he’s in those too).

On each episode of the podcast, he takes a deep dive into the personal lives and inner workings of different actors. Even though he’s mainly interviewing actors, it’s not all talk about acting or their careers. You just hear about their struggles as people; growing up, finding their place in the world, struggling with self-worth and self-love and all the stupid shit different people have done throughout their lives, but hey, they still turned out more than okay.

I find this podcast incredibly uplifting and inspiring, mainly because you see all of these actors and celebrities in the media and it seems like their lives are pretty breezy, but through these episodes, you really get down to the nitty-gritty of people. It just reminds you that we’re all so massively flawed, even the people you might look up to.


‘Armchair Expert,’ with Dax Shephard. 

As far as hosts go, Dax Shepard is pretty damn perfect. He has the ability to tell stories that make me laugh so hard in my car at a traffic light that people glance over and give me a look like I’m 99.9% ape shit crazy. Dax basically casually interviews people (mainly actors as well) and it’s along the same lines as ‘Inside of You’ in terms of the style and content. From all 3 of these podcast recommendations, you can tell that I’m incredibly interested in hearing about people in the entertainment industry, but with this podcast (and ‘Inside of You’) they really dig down into people’s lives and the human condition in general. Not as actors, just as people, which I love. So, even if you have zero interest in acting or the industry, you’ll still enjoy these.


‘Unqualified,’ with Anna Faris. 

I’ll always have a soft spot for Anna Faris because she blessed us with Scary Movie 2. My sister and I used to watch it all the time when we were younger and I can quote a startling amount of that film (#mygerms).

On Unqualified, each episode varies a little but usually, Anna takes her guests (a range of A-list/awesome celebs from all your fav shows) through different mock scenarios, and then together they take a caller and give them ‘unqualified’ advice on whatever the caller is struggling with. This is a super light-hearted podcast and a really easy listen if you’re wanting to kind of mentally switch off, but you still want to listen to something engaging and funny. Couldn’t not mention that. Obviously, it’s Anna Faris so you’re laughing every episode at one thing or another. I recently listened to Lena Headey’s episode and just now coming off the back of the Game Of Thrones final episode, it was such a satisfying podcast ep to listen to!


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