Balancing Social Media…(with wanting to throw your phone out the window)

flatlay-lifestyle-notebook-workspace-melbourneInstagram: “Ohhh let’s introduce a new algorithm” 

Everyone: “No.”

Instagram: “But it’ll be so good everyone will love it!”

Everyone: “No.”


Instagram used to be great, back in the day. Not so much anymore, especially in terms of growth. The new changes to the algorithms have made it increasingly difficult for even some of the biggest ‘influencers’ on Instagram to get any reach. So imagine what it’s like when you’re 1/700th of that. It’s a stupid app, I know. But it can leave you feeling really defeated and deflated. Or if you’re anything like me, it makes you want to throw your phone right out the bloody window.

It’s not just Insta either. I mean, how many of us genuinely come off of social media and feel better? (and it doesn’t count if you only use social media to connect with your second cousin twice removed who happens to live in Iberia.)

Don’t get me wrong, social media can be great at times (see: re-connecting with your Iberian long lost cousin above), but it’s the constant checking that leaves me feeling out of balance. There’s that feeling every day to check your socials. Almost like breathing, it just comes naturally. We don’t even think about it, we just check it every day, usually multiple times a day. So how do you (well, I), balance my need to stay connected and not feel like a total 80-year-old, with the frustration that comes along with social media?




People always bang on about this one, but I only realised why recently. Who you follow on your socials makes a huge difference in how you feel about checking them. Everyone is all “unfollow or block people if following them makes you feel bad about yourself” but I’m like, uh, no thanks. What if the person you want to unfollow is a friend? Can they see I’ve blocked them? …I ain’t taking that chance. But who you follow can completely role-reverse your social media experience. So if you’re like me and too chicken to completely cull your current ‘following’ list, pull a sneaky and create a second Insta account, just for yourself. Follow WHOEVER the hell you want, and check your other Instagram every so often so you stay up to date and connected, but not so much that you want to throw your phone out the window.



This is a huge one for me, and quite frankly I don’t understand how people can have their phones beside them and get anything done. Has my phone got some kind of special, satan’y devil pull or lure or something? Because if it’s next to me, there’s no way I can concentrate on a TV show or do work, or do anything really. I zone out like a lil zombie looking at that damn iPhone screen.

If you just put your phone in another room though, it’s a game changer. Yeah, you might miss a text message and have to reply a couple of hours later. On the flip side, you’ll be more productive and more present in whatever you are actually doing that doesn’t involve your phone.



This one’s self-explanatory. But do it. It’s so good. Trust me. Just don’t check it for a day. It’s only a day.


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